My thoughts on building something like a T-bucket, but with tandem seating and a roof. Similar layout to old race cars, before offset driveshafts, like the 1934 Mercedes-Benz W25. There was even a W25 streamliner with a roof (but no passenger seat).

I like motorcycles. All the cars I've been in feel incredibly cumbersome. But the roof is nice for keeping the weather out, and the extra two wheels are nice for making it harder to fall over.

Less round, lower.

1935 Mercedes W25 Streamliner:

"2300 pounds with 400 horsepower... keeps the adrenaline flowing" -

More realistic intake filter height, significantly increased body height.

Mercedes Silverflow concept, inspiration:



I wanted to bulid a more efficient car, but the existence of the Avion is incredibly demotivating. So I'm back to thinking about building something purely fun.

Driver straddling the drive shaft, and a passenger seat directly behind the driver (tandem seating), and a roof. Body along the lines of a 1924 Alfa Romeo Grand Prix car (P2), 1938 Bugatti 59, Bugatti 35? Minimal frontal / cross-sectional area.

T bucket without body

Bugatti Type 59

Audi Gentleman's Racer concept by Mikael Lugnegård.

One of Miller's cars had farings on the axles, at 50 seconds. 1935 miller-ford v8 special.

Golden Submarine - driver straddles drive shaft, has roof.

Engine sizes: 350 = 5.7L 305 = 5.0L 327 = 5.4L 376 = 6.2L

Info on converting a Chevy LT1 from EFI + electronic ignition to carbs + mechanical ignition.. LS1 would also need to have a distributor drive added.

Ooh, "drop base air cleaner"

"And they're all made out of ticky tacky, and they all look just the same."

"Dyspnea (/dɪspˈniːə/ disp-NEE-ə) dyspnoea, shortness of breath or breathlessness is the feeling or feelings associated with impaired breathing."