The concept was to wrap a minimal performance car around a Chevy LS1 and a T5. This quickly lead me to small block Chevy based LoCosts, cars based on the Lotus Seven. The next priority is moving the front wheels out exactly far enough to achieve a 50/50 front/rear weight balance. And then a bit of chrome. Performance cars must have integral tow hooks.

A couple quotes regarding existing small block Chevy / Seven based cars:

"When Paul Roupas first dropped the hammer in his Deman USA SR27 I thought I was dead.... It was as if I was no longer bound by Newton's laws."

"what sets Mazda Ebrahimi's Rotus apart is that he managed to wedge in a 440 hp LS1 small block."

"If the Deman SR27 defies Newtonian physics, the Rotus messes with Einstein. It bends time and space."

"In the SR27, being belted into the passenger seat is horrifying. Yet, once you get behind the wheel, all that minimally-lagged power is quite manageable. Thrilling, sure, but you can work with it. The Rotus is always horrifying."

"...the Rotus hits 80 mph faster than you can start urinating."

- Jalopnik Presents The Se7en Se7en Se7en Awards

Lotus Seven dimensional diagram

Lotus Seven cut-away diagram

Donkervoort D8 soft top photo

Donkervoort D8 hard top photo

Caterham Seven frame cad image

Phil's LS1 locost build log

Broken Hammer Locost V8

Detailed locost build log

Owner of the Rotus LS1
New work on the Rotus LS1

LS1 Dimensions

1934 Ford front grill from Dan Fink Metalworks