Current plan is to basically build a T bucket from a third generation Camaro with a V8 (305) and manual transmission (T-5), with two seats straddling the drive shaft, and a very different body. With weight evenly balanced between the axles, so it can turn. Live rear axle, maybe dual wishbone + pushrod front suspension.

I want a car that I understand every last bit of, because I made it, so I know how to fix everything. I want minimal electronics, because I've had enough electronic problems, and would like more mechanical problems. Which is why I'm planning on a carburetor and no ECM.

I do my rendering with blender, which is free. The larger images with the same crude human models are mine, the smaller images are inspiration from other people (and link to their sources).


It's been eight months, I don't think I clearly said that I'm feeling real stuck on getting both right foot pedals to fit, without wrecking aesthetics. I wish battery prices would go down, electric would fit so much more easily.

12 48v x 47ah 36 cell Chevy Volt battery packs might work great. 3 in series = 144v, x 4 in paralel.


Move pedals / feet forward, straddling engine, widen body just in that area.